1) Accommodation at PUT dormitories

Piotrowo Campus has over 2200 places having access to the Internet, modern student canteen, outdoor basketball court and football pitch, grilling garden.

It is located 2-3 minutes from the University and only 10 minutes walk away from the Old Market Square and Malta Lake and 10 minutes by tram from the railway station.

The rooms are double, with a bathroom and a shared kitchen. All dormitories are heated and furnished. Cooking utensils are not supplied. There is a laundry and some parking place.


The place in a double room costs (the prices are valid for the academic year 2018/2019):

Dormitory nr 1:

one month - 554 PLN (Internet included). The deposit is also 554 PLN.

one night - 37 PLN

Dormitory nr 5 and 6:

one month - 373-410 PLN (Internet included). The deposit is also 401-410 PLN (double room) - 373-381 PLN (triple room).

one night - 25 PLN (double room) - 27 PLN (triple room)

Full details on rents and conditions are available at PUT International Relations Office.

You can find more information here and see photos at the following link.

PLEASE NOTE! We can offer accommodation only during the semester period.


2) Private accommodation

Information about private accommodation you can find on below websites: