Disabled students

At Poznan University of Technology, a school for everyone, disabled students enjoy “equal rights and equal responsibilities” - the same as all other students. The support provided by the University is not any type of relief or privilege – it is only a sort of compensation for limitations arising from their disability, which equalises chances and removes barriers to education on terms of full participation in academic life. It is assumed that a disabled student is able to meet the requirements of educational process of the University and overcome the architectonic, social, psychological and transportation issues in autonomous and independent student life.

Full accessibility of the technical University for students with different disabilities is an ideal the the system of education and the University’s infrastructure is constantly trying to reach. Disabled students themselves define the needs to be met to help them overcome barriers caused by disabilities.

The Rector’s delegate for disabled persons is a guardian of disabled students and administrator. His responsibilities include advising and mediation in students’ contacts with Deans, Pro-rectors, academics and the University’s administration, identification of the needs and finding possibilities to meet them using the University’s resources or obtaining necessary funds.


The Rector’s delegate for disabled persons​

Marek ZABŁOCKI, Dr Habilitated, Eng.

Poznan University of Technology

Faculty of Machines and Transport (WMRiT)

Piotrowo 3, room 613

60-965 Poznan

Phone: (+48 61) 665 20 56

email: Marek.Zablocki@put.poznan.pl


Duty hours:

Wednesday 11:30-12:30 (Student Residence Hall 2, room 6A, entrance from the side of clinic)

During vacation time consultations are available on prior appointment by email or by phone.​


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Additional information

dr hab. inż. Marek ZABŁOCKI
Politechnika Poznańska
Wydział Maszyn Roboczych i Transportu
ul. Piotrowo 3, pokój 613
60-965 Poznań
tel. (+48 61) 665 20 56
e-mail: Marek.Zablocki@put.poznan.pl
środa 11:30-12:30 (Dom Studencki nr 2 Politechniki Poznańskiej, pokój nr 6A, wejście od strony przychodni lekarskiej)

W okresie wakacji i ferii konsultacje odbywają się po wcześniejszym umówieniu spotkania mailowo lub telefonicznie.