Data wydarzenia


The Rector of the Poznan University of Technology has the pleasure to invite the academic community to an open lecture presented by prof. Grzegorz Musielak from the Faculty of Chemical Technology, entitled "Ptaki Poznania (Moje)".

The lecture will be held on December, 9th 2021 (Thursday) at 16.00 at the Library of the Poznan University of Technology, room 123.

Prof. Musielak research activities include numerical methods,  development and application of numerical methods, viscous fluid flow, mechanics of porous materials, mathematical modelling of drying capillary-porous materials, determination of material and process parameters, hybrid drying of plants.

Prof. Musielak is the author and co-author of 2 books, 5 chapters in books, 58 scientific articles, 62 articles in conference proceedings, 1 patent,1 textbook (monographic lecture). His interests include ornithology, mountain tourism, sea sailing, long-distance running and motorcycle tourism.