Postdoctoral fellowship at University of Catania

OPEN CALL: Public selection, based on qualifications and interview, of applicants for the award of 1 postdoctoral fellowship, 1 year long, possible 1-year extension, at the Department of Chemical Sciences, Scientific Disciplinary Area: CHIM/02 "Physical Chemistry," entitled: "Plasmonic nanoparticle hybrid nanocomposites and 2D materials beyond graphene for sustainable recovery of metals from electronic waste," with Prof. Cristina Satriano as scientific responsible ( (info:


FUNDING: Next Generation EU project “Sicilian MicronanoTech Research And Innovation Center - SAMOTHRACE”.

RESEARCH ACTIVITY: Nanozymes, which combine catalytic capability with the physicochemical properties of nanoscale materials for intelligent response to remote stimuli, are a breakthrough for advanced technological applications. This research grant is concerned with the design, synthesis (by sustainable green redox chemistry) and physicochemical characterization (using a multi-technique approach, including various spectroscopies and microscopies) of nanozyme-based nanocomposites consisting of 2D nanopatterns beyond graphene (such as functionalized graphene oxide, molybdenum disulfide, etc.) and plasmonic nanoparticles (Pd, Au, Ag, Pt) for new sustainable high-impact approaches in the environmental domain.

REQUISITES: Ph.D. or equivalent degree, obtained in Italy or abroad, in disciplines related to Chemical Sciences or Materials Science. Applicants are also required to have knowledge of the English language.

DEADLINE for APPLICATION: The application must be submitted, by 01/07/2024 at 12:00 (CET) using only the application available on the University's website at:, following the directions specified therein, upon the personal registration procedure.