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The 8th Conference was opened by Andrzej Ziółkowski - the President of UDT, outlining the role that UDT plays in the development of the economy and how it works to protect the climate in the widest possible way. The opening was an introduction to the debate, the subject of which is related to the conference slogan - "technology shapes development".

"Digitization, Technologies, Science" - these are issues driven by the above-mentioned motto. In this part, guests of the conference, including Katarzyna Łażewska-Hrycko - Chief Labour Inspector, prof. Michał Wieczorowski - Vice-Rector for Development and Cooperation with Business and Industry, Karolina Tokarz - President of the PROMAG S.A. were looking for answers to questions that arise in our reality more and more often.

Is the use of innovative technological solutions able to replace humans, or can it only limit their role in many processes?

What does the innovation look like from the perspective of the growing trend towards platform, hybrid work?

Whether and what role do autonomous vehicles play in logistics and the world of production? Compiled by on the basis of UDT




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