a) Take the Transcript of Records from the Faculty. You should check if all the notes and subjects are correct.

b) Fill the "Student Clearance Form" - you will need the signatures from the dean's office, the administration of the dormitory,  the Library of your Faculty and  the Main Library.
Only the Faculty of Control, Robotics and Electrical Engineering and the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Management do not have own library.
If you do not live in our dormitories please contact administration of DS5 or DS6 and ask for the signature.

c) At the end of stay, after presenting the Erasmus Student Clearance Form, you will receive the certification of stay at International Relations Office. 

Please note:

* The certificate of attendance includes date of your arrival (the same as on the certificate of arrival ) and the date of your departure. The date of the departure is the day of coming to our office before leaving (even if the actual departure takes place later or during the weekend). The date of departure cannot  be later than the end date of the semester.

* Each student is obliged to visit our office personally.
If you do not visit our office, we will not issue the certificate.

*Visiting our office you must have with you  the Clearance Form.
If you do not have all the required stamps and signatures on the Clearance Form, we will not issue certificate of attendance.

If you want to take the deposit back from the dormitory you should contact with the administration of the dormitory. It may be also used as the payment for the last month, but it depends from director of the dormitory.
Check-out must be reported 2 weeks before departure.

The address and office hours of  International Relations Office you can find here