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Polish Charter

Polish Charter

Students who hold the Polish Charter (Karta Polaka) may stay and study in Poland on special terms. Polish Charter is a document which confirms belonging to the Polish nation. Holders of the Polish Charter are entitled to use the educational system on the same conditions as citizens of Poland. They may take up studies at all levels of education on the same conditions as citizens of Poland. Besides, they have the right to work and apply for scholarships and other forms of aid available for foreigners. However, receiving the card does not imply acquiring Polish citizenship or confirmation of the Polish origin. The Charter does not entitle to cross the border without a valid visa or to settle in the territory of the Republic of Poland.

The Polish Charter does not legalize the stay in Poland, but ensures its holder a number of rights facilitating its contacts with the Republic of Poland. A holder of the Polish Charter who intends to enter the territory of the Republic of Poland should legalize his/her stay in accordance with the general rules. According to the legal regulations, the Polish Charter can be granted to a person who on the day of applying for the charter is a citizen of the Republic of Armenia, Republic of Azerbaijan, Republic of Belarus, Republic of Estonia, Georgia, Republic of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Republic of Lithuania, Republic of Latvia, Republic of Moldova, Russian Federation, Republic of Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine and Republic of Uzbekistan or possessing a status of a stateless person in one of the listed countries. The Polish Charter can be granted to a person who declares belonging to the Polish nation and meets several additional conditions (for detailed information visit the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: