Further NCN projects for researchers from the Poznan University of Technology

Thanks to the increase in the budget, the National Science Center decided to grant funding to all projects on the reserve lists in the OPUS 25, PRELUDIUM 22, MAESTRO 15, SONATA BIS 13 calls. 


Funding in the SONATA BIS 13 competition was awarded to:

  • Tomasz Pawlak, PhD,Faculty of Computer Science and Telecommunications, New problems and algorithms for exploring mathematical programming models (MathProM),
  • Mateusz Łężyk, PhD, Faculty of Environmental and Energy Engineering, Biosynthesis of secondary metabolites from methane using modified methanotrophic microorganisms (C1-BIOREF).


Funding in the OPUS 25 competition was awarded to:

  • prof. Dariusz Brzeziński, Faculty of Computer Science and Telecommunications, Data-driven materials design: artificial intelligence as a tool supporting the synthesis of nanocomposites with hierarchical porosity for electrocatalytic applications (project in partnership - leader: Medical University of Bialystok).


Financing in the PRELUDIUM 22 competition went to:

  • Przemysław Aszkowski, MSc Faculty of Automation, Robotics and Electrical Engineering, Development of weakly supervised learning methods in the processing of multispectral images in the area of ​​precision agriculture.


More information: https://www.ncn.gov.pl/aktualnosci/2024-06-07-wszystkie-projekty-z-list-rezerowych-z-grantami-od-ncn 


Congratulations to the winners!