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Monograph of a professor of the Poznan University of Technology in Chinese

In 2022, the CAPH Publishing House in Beijing published the monograph "Introduction to Quantum Metrology" by Waldemar Nawrocki, professor emeritus of the Poznan University of Technology. The book is devoted to quantum metrology, i.e. the highest accuracy measurements obtained using the effects of quantum physics.

The book is a translation from English into Chinese of the monograph "Introduction to Quantum Metrology" published by Springer (2nd edition, 2019).

This is the first book on the bookselling market with a description of the new international SI measurement system from 2018. The new SI 2018 system itself is also called Quantum SI. The book is recommended as a textbook for lectures on metrology. 

Photo 1. Lijia Guu, a student of the Faculty of Computer Science and Telecommunications of PUT, together with the author of the book

Photo 2. Cover of the monograph

Photo 3. Books "Introduction to quantum metrology" published by Wydawnictwo PP (2007), Springer (2nd ed., 2019) and CAPH (2022).


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