Erasmus+ Traineeship

Erasmus+ traineeships 2021/2022

Traineeship at Erasmus+ 2020 Programme

Recruitment for internships: there is no deadline for submission of documents, recruitment is on a continuous basis.
What counts is the order of applications ("first-come, first-served") - we accept ONLY the full sets of documents.

The documents should be submitted no later than two weeks before the start of internship.
Student receives decision about qualification (official acceptation) within one week from the day of submission of the documents.

The full set of documents (scans) can be sent via email to the address erasmus [at]

We kindly remind that internship (closely related to the field of studies), suppose to last minimum 2, and maximum 12 months (min. 60 - max 360 days), however, Poznan University of Technology is able to guarantee a scholarship for 6 months stay, regardless of the duration of the exchange.

I. Documents required to apply for scholarship

  • Application form
  • Information clause - please read it carefully and sign.
  • confirmation from a proper Dean's office about a student status and the average of marks for the whole current period of studies + in case of Master students average of marks from the Bachelor degree. The average of marks in both cases cannot be lower than 3,50.
  • poof of language (official language certificate/copy of mark from the English exam at the university);
  • Letter of Intent - a confirmation from the host institution abroad stating their readiness to accept a PUT student for the internship during the specified period, and with the information about the language in which the internship will be carried (scans accepted)

Additionally for PhD students:

  • programme of the internship
  • statement of the supervisor/promoter about the advisability of exchange (with the tasks to accomplish).

II. Documents required after official acceptation from the International Relations Office of PUT

  • A student should prepare of the original or scan of Learning Agreement for Traineeships - an agreement of the internships program, signed by the student, the Faculty Coordinator and host institution (only first part called Before the mobility). This document, as in the case of the Learning Agreement for Studies with trips to college, is a kind of trilateral agreement between the student, the home university and the company which accepts the student to an internship. It should be determined in detail with the trainee's supervisor from a foreign company, and then approved by the Departmental Coordinator (Koordynator Wydziałowy) of Erasmus+ program or another person appointed by the Dean (eg. Tutor for compulsory practices). Please fill the document electronically (also the box of choice). We do not accept documents filled out by hand.
  • Each student or graduate before going for an internship abroad within Erasmus+ programme is required to sign a financial agreement and a statement by the trainee in the International Relations Office.

Documents will be accepted in International Relations Office. Please send the whole set of documents via e-mail at:

Rules of participation and financing internships abroad within Erasmus+ programme in the academic year 2021/2022

  • As standard students do the internship during the holiday months. However, the Dean/ Vice Dean of student’s faculty may agree for departure during an academic year. In that case, a student should submit such a written consent together with the other documents required to apply for a scholarship.
  • Graduates may do the internship at any time but must finish it within 12 months from the date of his/her BA/MA thesis defence. For graduates, the length of stay abroad counts in a total duration of mobility at this level of studies on which he/she was qualified for the internship.

    E.g. if a master student was abroad within Erasmus or Erasmus+ program during his/her master studies for 7 months and he/she wants to leave after as a graduate, then still has 5 months for realizing an internship.

  • Period of the internship cannot overlap with the period of his/her studies within Erasmus+.
  • We remind you that as a host institution may be also a university where a student could make a practice eg. in a laboratory.
  • When the student is going for an internship should have got a ‘student’ or ‘graduate’ status and cannot stay at dean’s leave.
  • Graduates can take part in Erasmus+ program only when they apply for an internship being a student of PUT (all the documents have to be submitted to International Relations Office before student’s bachelor/master thesis defence)
  • Each qualified person has to learn about the legalization of stay issues and legal employment in the country where he/she is going for an internship, eg. getting a visa, residence permit etc.
  • Before leaving each qualified person is obliged to purchase an accident insurance and liability insurance as well as possess an EKUZ Card (European Health Insurance Card)*.


Eligibility criteria
1. accuracy of the language confirmed the certificate (mark) with the language required during the internship
2. average of marks (minimum average 3.50)
3. assessment of the foreign language

* for citizens of other countries than Poland it is accepted to present other health insurance than NFZ, as long as it is valid in the country of internship destination.

Scholarship rates






Denmark, Finland, Ireland,  Island, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden Great Britain



Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, France, Greece, Germany, Italy, Malta, the Netherlands, Portugal,Spain



Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Romania, Slovak Republic, Serbia,Slovenia,Turkey


In case of any question the description above does not answer, please do not hesitate to contact International Relations Office of PUT:

te. 61 665 35 44