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IMMOCAP 'If immortality unveil…'– development of the novel types of energy storage systems with excellent long-term performance

dr inż. Krzysztof Fic

Horyzont 2020 ERC Starting Grant

The major goal of the project is to develop a novel type of an electrochemical capacitor with high specific power (up to 5 kW/kg) and energy (up to 20 Wh/kg) preserved along at least 50 000 cycles. Thus, completion of the project will result in remarkable enhancement of specific energy, power and life time of modern electrochemical capacitors. Advanced electrochemical testing (galvanostatic cycling with constant power loads, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, accelerated aging and kinetic tests) will be accompanied by materials design and detailed characterization. Moreover, the project aims at the implementation of novel concepts of the electrolytes and designing of new operando technique for capacitor characterization. All these efforts aim at the development of sustainable and efficient energy conversion and storage system.

Głównym celem projektu jest opracowanie nowego typu kondensatora elektrochemicznego o dużej mocy. Ponadto, projekt ma na celu opracowanie nowych koncepcji elektrolitów oraz nowej techniki operando dotyczącej charakterystyki kondensatora.