Blended Intensive Programme - University of Cantabria

Between 4th and 15th of July our partner university University of Cantabria organizes a Blended Intensive Programme within Erasmus+ programme „Introduction to Global Studies” for 3 ECTS points. The deadline for applying at PUT is 13.05.2022.

The course will prepare students to understand how globalisation has affected the way in which we analyse different disciplines nowadays, such as business, migrations, arts, health or environmental issues.  The “Introduction to Global Studies” course will be taught in a hybrid format – on-line and in-person- and will bring eight lecturers from the following institutions: University of Mons (Belgium), University of Catania, University of Cantabria – all of them EUNICE Alliance members-,  and University of North Caroline at Charlotte (USA).

You will find the details on te course in the documents attached below (i.e. Study Guide) and on the following websites:



  1. The condition for participation in the course is to indicate the subject at PP, which will be recognized as equivalent to the course carried out in Spain (at a later stage, it will be necessary to sign a Learning Agreement). The choice of an equivalent subject should be consulted with the Erasmus+ Faculty Coordinator and confirmed on the Erasmus + Application Form for a short-term mobility.
  2. The following step will be submitting the following documents:

The details on documents required within Erasmus+ programme for a short term mobility and the admission criteria can be found at the link:

The application deadline is 13.05.2022. The documents should be submitted to the International Relations Office  5 Piotrowo Street, room 141B or by email at eunice.admissions[at]


The course in the University of Cantabria will be financed from the Erasmus+ programme. In the new edition of the program, in addition to the existing types of mobility, HEIs may implement short-term mixed mobility for the purpose of study or placement (combining physical mobility with a compulsory virtual component).

The information on the scholarship may be found at:


By choosing the “Immersion Pack” in the application form of the University of Cantabria, EUNICE Students have the opportunity to experience the real Spanish lifestyle and stay with a local family in Santander for only 300 euros for the whole period. The Immersion Pack also includes a full-day trip to Picos de Europa National Park.

In case of questions we invite you to contact us at: