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Refund policy

In accordance with applicable Regulation no 5  of the Rector of Poznan University of Technology of April 1, 2019 (RO/IV/5/2019) On taking up and pursuing studies at Poznan University of Technology by individuals who are not Polish nationals in the academic year of 2019/2020 tuition fees may be refunded for periods when tuition was not given in one of the circumstances below:

1) When a student was granted a leave of absence from classes or any other break in studying as defined in the regulations;

2) When a student was forced to stop studying for health reasons confirmed by a medical certificate, or for any important and documented unforeseen reasons;

3) When a student was refused a visa as understood by Act of June 13, 2003 on foreign individuals (UOC) regulations.


2. In a situation when the transaction of refunding tuition fee to the candidate’s bank account is rejected as a result of giving faulty banking data, then the consecutive transaction, less the cost of another bank transfer, will be made to the amount calculated in accordance with average exchange rate of the Polish National Bank on the day the transfer was rejected


Below, please find the list of necessary documents which have to be submitted to start tuition fee refund process:

  1. Appropriate document with justification (e.g. visa refusal letter from Embassy, doctor’s statement etc.)
  2. The candidate’s official request of refunding the tuition fee
  3. The following bank account details:
  • bank's name:
  • bank's address:
  • country of the bank:
  • SWIFT code:
  • account number (in the correct IBAN format if required in the beneficiary's country):
  • name and surname of the beneficiary (owner of the account):
  • beneficiary's address:
  • beneficiary's country:
  • the currency of the account:

Please note!

  • Each refund has to be justified. In case of no special circumstances exist University has right to reject to refund the tuition fee
  • The process takes approximately 2 -3 weeks.
  • In the case of incorrect data/rejection by the bank transaction costs resulting from: subsequent transactions, losses due to exchange rate differences, fees charged by a foreign bank  bears the beneficiary
  • If the transaction of reimbursement for education on the beneficiary's account is rejected, then the next transaction will be made for the amount calculated on the basis of the average NBP exchange rate from the day on which the transfer was reject